About G.I.V.E. 

During the G.I.V.E. Program, high school students work one-on-one with a mentor to complete a number of projects that teaches the students different aspects of working within a nonprofit.

Students Get To:

  • Have 1:1 specialized mentorship
  • Receive career development advice across different industries
  • Gain variety of skills from social media management to developing educational materials
  • Interact with other interns and team members

“The G.I.V.E. Program has given me insight into real-world STEM projects and allows for me to express myself with creativity in a way I don’t get to at school.”

 – Esther Low, g.i.v.e. program intern

Student Learning

Current Impact: 

The G.I.V.E. Program began in 2020 and has more than 11 projects completed already.

  • 2 program rotations (2020-2021)
  • 11 Projects
  • 6 Mentors
  • 8 Interns
  • At least 62% of the interns identify as a population that is underrepresented in STEM industries

“There is no opportunity to impact a students future quite like mentoring them one-on-one.”

Victoria Gershuny, g.i.v.e. program founder

Apply to be a G.I.V.E. Program Volunteer today!

Send an email to info@systemcoalition.org with the subject GIVE Mentor and we’ll be in touch shortly!